2️⃣Create a Collection

A Collection is a necessary first step

Collections allow you to start making NFTs without upfront gas costs, and speed up the minting process. This step will get your collection started. You can edit or add more details later.

You need to create or choose a collection first. A Collection needs a name, a logo image, and a description. You will also need to choose a blockchain for your Collection, and which native token on this blockchain to mint and transact your NFTs with.

At this point it is also useful to choose a category for your Collection to help define the type of NFTs that will be minted within it. Categories are subjective, so just choose whichever you think best represents the content or purpose of your NFTs.



Special characters are not allowed in your Collection's name. This allows other NFT platforms and marketplaces to correctly read and display Collections stored within your wallet.

Your Logo Image can be any image you want to use a a small profile or thumbnail image to represent your Collection.

Choosing the correct blockchain and token is important, and cannot be changed later. If you're new to NFTs it may be useful to spend some time understanding popular blockchains and tokens that the NFT community uses to create NFTs.

Different communities tend to adopt specific blockchains - all of which all have some unique factors relating to popularity, gas fees, the type of creators working on them, their impact on the environment and perceived.

The description you add to your Collection will be visible on other NFT platforms and marketplaces that can read the blockchain you're minting on, so treat this as a short and informative summary of your NFTs. If you're not sure what to add here, perhaps just a short bio on you as a creator, or the project, works or series you intend to mint as NFTs will be fine.

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