2️⃣Expanding your Collection

The following additional information in your Collection is optional, but can be important if you work with contributors or want to set royalties.

Add a creator name to your collection and a large banner image to display behind your collection summary area on the collection page.

Add links to websites and social profiles relevant to your collection here. These could be yours, or specific links you've created to accompany your collection or project.

From the Royalties and Contributors area you can set a royalty fee and a wallet address to receive a percentage back from secondary sales, so that whenever your NFT is sold onwards to a new owner, a percentage of the sale price will be sent back to the wallet address you've added.

If you're working on this collection with other creators you can add their wallet details into the collection too. Infinifty will split your royalty percentage equally amongst all collaborators.

Note that any royalties and collaborators you've set will affect every NFT that you mint into this collection.



Any creator name you choose will display on your NFTs infinifty Base website. This can be toggled off when customising, and can be overwritten by a new owner after you have transferred the NFT to another owner.

Links and banner image display on your Collection screen.

The explicit toggle is to pre-warn viewers and marketplaces that your NFT contains explicit or sensitive content.

Make sure to check wallet addresses before you start creating and minting NFT items, as these directly affect onward secondary sales. Make sure to check that the wallet addresses you're using for royalties and contributors are correct for the blockchain you're minting to,

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