3️⃣Create an Item

Basic NFT information

Your NFT item has some required content fields. Your minted NFT will be listed on compatible marketplaces and platforms by it's name, so choose the name of this piece of work, or of this creation.

Add your media. This can be an image, an audio file or a video file, and this is the media item you'll be minting as your NFT.

Check the blockchain that you'll be minting to, and see the unique URL of your NFTs own Infinifty Base website here, but more on that later.

Add a summary for your NFT item. This will be listed alongside your NFTs name on marketplaces, platforms and wallets that can display NFT information.

Properties are an optional element to your NFT item. Many NFT creators express the unique traits of their NFT items here, or use the properties metadata to help people searching on marketplaces to find their work.

Item Preview

On the item preview screen review the information you have added for your NFT item, such as it's name, the media preview, summary and information about the file we've uploaded.

The properties will also display here.

Scroll down to the Status area to reveal some of the things that make your Infinifty NFT unique amongst all other NFTs.

As the creator of this NFT you can use it's special storage asset area to upload an unlimited amount of files, to pass along with the NFT to it's next owner.

And you can customise your NFTs unique Infinifty Base website. Think of this as a website just for your NFT - that can only be unlocked by the holder of the NFT to reach those files, from any web browser, anywhere in the World.


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