5️⃣Minting your NFT

Storage Customise Mint 🎉

Now we've added files to our NFTs unique storage area and customised it's base website it's time to mint our NFT. From the item preview screen scroll down to the status area to find Mint. Tap the button to mint this NFT.

In the summary area review your NFTs name, media and a summary of the files you've added to it's storage area.

Scroll down to see a summary of the minting fees (or gas fees) required by the blockchain to mint your NFT. Choose to mint at the standard rate - which can take a few moments depending on network load and traffic on the blockchain, or pay a higher gas fee for instant minting.

If your NFT requires additional fees for storage over the 100 Megabyte free limit, or it uses premium styles then you'll see these listed here. A total mint fee is then listed below.

Take a moment to check that any royalties you've added to your collection are displaying correctly.

Since you're storing files through Infinifty that could be displayed on a public website, and could be passed on to another owner, you need to agree to our terms of service.

And then you're ready to mint. Tap the Mint Now button and Infinifty will begin the process of minting your NFT to the blockchain. You will need to confirm this transaction in your wallet.

When Infinifty has confirmed the transaction with the blockchain you'll go back to the Collections page. After a few moments, tap the Reload button to check whether your NFT has minted yet. Wait for the item card to show you the minted NFT.



At certain times of day minting on blockchains can take longer when using the standard gas fees. When a network with pending actions (like minting) then actions offering higher gas fees will be prioritised over lower gas fees. On rare occasions the gas fees may increase during this time, further demoting your pending action on the blockchain.

You can check your wallet for progress to make sure the fee you've advertised is likely to be accepted, or whether you need to cancel the pending action and kick off the minting process again.

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