1️⃣What is an Infinifty NFT?

You've received an NFT that was minted on Infinifty and includes it's own NFT Base. That sounds exciting but what's that?

Infinifty NFTs are the perfect way to package up loads of additional file assets for you to use. So let's explore what that means.

Your NFT was created with two special characteristics:

  • Additional storage for files and digital assets that it's creator wanted you to have

  • The ability to customise your NFTs own website to make it a one-of-a-kind

Think of your NFTs website as how you reach those files. We call that Base. Files remain locked within your NFTs Base to be downloaded by whomever owns the NFT at any time, so if you transfer or sell your NFT to a new owner they will be able to access those files instead of you.

In this section we'll look at how to log in to your NFTs Base, how to access the file storage area and how to customise the Base website.

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