💡What Infinifty Creator does

Infinifty is unlocking the full potential of digital media, collectibles and art by adding unlimited decentralised file storage to NFTs, which can be sent or sold instantly to anyone.

If you own an Infinifty NFT you can access your stored files from any browser that can connect to the crypto wallet that holds your NFT.

Each NFT minted with Infinifty includes an online home where you can reach all the assets you need to remix it, reproduce it, or take it further.


Source files, high-res versions, authenticity documents, instructions on how to display, remix or re-use your NFT. Whatever you decide to upload and store with your NFT is available to its owner to carry on where you've left off.


One-tap customisations make your Infinifty Base truly original in moments. Play with text, fonts, layouts and colours. It's online all the time, so show it off.


Mint your Infinifty NFT to the Ethereum or Polygon blockchains. On Ethereum Infinifty supports ETH and WETH tokens, and on Polygon Infinifty supports MATIC and ETH on Polygon tokens.


During our closed beta stage you can connect your wallet to open platforms like OpenSea or Looksrare to transfer or list NFTs minted through Infinifty.

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