💡Reaching your NFTs Base website

During our closed beta stage you can connect your wallet to open platforms like OpenSea or Looksrare to transfer or list NFTs minted through Infinifty.

While we're busy building our Infinifty's core functionality we've held off from building a marketplace for you to sell your minted NFTs, because NFTs you mint with Infinifty will show up on any open platform that can access the NFT. Head over to Opensea and connect your wallet, so you will always be able to reach an NFTs Base website...

On Infinifty

If your NFT is still in the wallet that you minted with then you can reach your NFTs Base website from within Infinifty. From the collection screen, tap the NFT card for your NFT item.

From the NFT item preview screen.

Tab the globe icon.

Or link from the Show & Share area of the page.

On Opensea

Log into Opensea using the wallet that holds your NFT. From the account page find your NFT and tap the NFT card for your item.

Locate the More icon in Opensea's actions panel.

Tap the More icon them View Website to link out to the NFTs Infinifty Base website.

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